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Are you afraid of monsters? 

You should be. Monsters do exist.  They can be hiding amongst your friends, your neighbors, even your family.  I’m afraid of monsters, the real monsters are people.


Made a few additions in the way of subtle cues/hints in the hopes of creating a better player experience after much reviewed player feedback. 


Thank you all for playing and a special thanks to those who are providing all the much needed feedback in the comments section. No prior play tests were done for this demo before all of you and I'm very grateful for the help you all continue providing. 


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played your demo many months ago and it's still lodged in my mind...i really hope you still plan on completing this project

Cool concept! I can definitely see the Lynch influences in there. I hope the game gets completed someday. 


Nope. The plot is too dark. Not even gunna attempt to download and play this mess. It's almost like somebody was trying to satisfy their edgy rule 34 fantasies in a game.

Soften the plot and subject matter (aka no sa references), otherwise until then I'm not playing it with a ten foot pole.


No idea what the plot is about, but your comment definitely makes me want to try it.


Wow your comment was way overblown. I was expecting a lot more sleaze than this based on your comment. There is NOTHING explicit or sleazy in this game. Either you're astoundingly sensitive or your expectation of what the game is like is completely skewed.


the biggest exaggeration game review I have ever read

Very interesting, surreal concept. We enjoyed this one, although we did have trouble finding where to go during the videotape sequence! Thank you for making this :)

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 🙏😘


I hope this is still being worked on, I noticed your comment saying it's on hold. Hopefully you can finish this up at some point :)

For some reason, running the game starts the Windows Mixed Reality Portal / SteamVR. If you have a VR headset connected to the computer, it will launch this game as if it was a VR title.


Just checking in on this. How's everything going? I'm dying to see more of this game.


Development of Angela Knife has been put on hold as of March 2021. More was developed and hopefully at some point it will be finished but until further notice development is on pause. Sorry to leave you all in such limbo.

Hey this is some nice work! Do you have a business email?

Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for playing, glad you enjoyed the demo, definitely more to come. My email address where I can be reached is theangelaknife@gmail.com

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Amazing small piece of tense and feelings that somebody stalking you. PS1 effect very suitable. Can we expect some updates?

Thanks!  Since release, I have been too silent.  The end of 2020 and beginning of 2021 were a little rough, but I'm making progress now.  I was going to do a devlog last month, but the devlog took too long to produce.  I decide to scrap the devlog because my time is better spent on this game.  I will be posting some kind of update in the next 1-2 months.  Thanks again.

i'm glad that project is alive! This experience is differ from other horror games. Keep going!

I really liked the style of this game! Very dark and dreary. Unfortunately, I was unable to get past a certain part and I don't know why. Also, my computer had a hard time recording this game and I'm not sure why. Please consider checking out my video for more!

you have no idea how many times I got stuck

I hope your experience changes upon the next update when changes have been made to improve player experience. Thank you for taking the time to play.

yes, it was good though with almost everything

Hello dear sir, first of all, love the 'artwork' a lot ps1 vibes here.
Second thing is that i didn't really understand what i have to do, the gameplay video shows it really well, i was just randomly trying to understand what i have to do, on 6minutes in i got really exhausted and didn't find it interesting from the story perspective because nothing is pointing me towards 'objective'.
mouse and q dont quite fit in, you should leave it for the "E" or "F" key.
With such an amazing artstyle you have a real chance to make something much better from this, it is very performance friendly way to make a game, so you should use everything from it.
Also some of the animations are 'wayyy too slow', for example the picking up of an VHS tape, i understand that the lady was frightened but 'wayyy to slow', walking towards the tv at the beginning 'way too slow'.
I really like what you are doing here, i hope you will change direction and do something amazing with such artstyle. btw you should spend 20 euros on a ps1 and silent hill, i dont say you should make silent hill, but playing it on ps1 mabye might inspire you to do something much more powerful, Thank you.

Thank you so much for your feed back. I have been making note of everything the community has been saying and do have a list of changes I'll be implementing to make the game a lot more user friendly and assist the player more. Controls are also being looked over. Again thank you so much for playing and leaving feedback, it really helps the development process. 

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If you had to estimate how many years this game would take to be made I would assume quite a while like 3 - 5 .


Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed the demo. What you played took 3 months to put together. Working on it at times over 10 hours a day and always at least 8 hours, I treated the development of this demo as my full time job. 

Making games, like this one, is what I want to do with my life. Indeed there is much to be done and I hope not to disappoint anyone who has high hopes for this games, including myself. I really appreciate you taking the time to play and I welcome all your feedback at anytime. I will be posting relevant updates on my twitter @AngelaKnife.

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Really great demo. The moment the door slammed in her face and I heard the scream I thought "David Lynch". Then I looked at the pause screen and read "David Lynch" and thought "Ooh". Love the combination of old school graphics and modern controls plus a few fixed camera angles thrown in for good measure. Really creepy vibe, especially at the end. I think that some atmospheric effects would really tie everything together. A little fog on the ground would really fill in the open space. Really looking forward the finished product. 

EDIT: I was replaying the demo I think that as long as the D-pad is unoccupied, mapping tank controls to it would be extremely helpful during sections with fixed cam angles. Not sure if that would be a big pain to program or maybe you even already have plans for the D-pad. But could save you some criticism I have seen in reviews for other games that have fixed camera angles but no tank controls. Can be frustrating getting turned around by accident when a camera angle changes. Cheers and thanks for reading this long comment.


Thank you so much for playing. The control scheme is something I worry about and am going to do my best to adapt correctly for every situation in game. The community here is my only source of play testers and your feedback is very much sought after. Thank you for so much for playing and for the wonderful  feedback and suggestions. 

I'm unable to play- whenever I try to launch it, I get an entry point not found error (it can't find "CreateDXGIFactory2" in the "dynamic link library dxgi.dll")- does anyone else have this issue/know how to fix it?


Apologies for the late response. This looks like it could be a graphics card driver issue. Updating your driver or rolling it back if you recently updated it might solve the problem. I am at a loss if this does not help with the issue. I do hope you had a wonderful New Years and thank you for giving this game demo an attempt. 

good game when the full game will be released ?

I'm hoping sometime this year (2021) but when exactly is still a toss up. As of posting this game in October of 2020 it has been a bumpy ride for me and I have not had much time to work on it the way I'd like. It is now 2021 and I'm crossing my fingers this year is better for everyone. Happy New Year and thank you for playing!

When You made This game did you use either Unity Hub or Unreal?


This game is being developed using the Unreal Engine.


The love behind this game shines in all the darkness. Can't wait to see what's next.

A lot of time and care as well as love went into creating this dark project. I am glad you enjoyed the experience and saw the passion behind the work. 


Such a cool demo!! I seriously wish there was more of it that I could play right now. Can't get enough of this style! So scary and fun, but majorly confusing at times. This comments section helped get me through some of the puzzles. I love the sinking feeling this gives me, like something very bad is going to happen, its one of the most riveting things about it. Very good horror puzzle demo. I cant wait for more! Great job developer! :D


Thank you so much for taking the time to play my demo. I approached the tasks and puzzles in a way that made them difficult but not impossible and yet they definitely need more in the way of clues or subtle not so apparent hints as what to do. I have been watching playthroughs and taking all the feedback I've been receiving from players and making note of so much that I need to address and already have many plans on how to make it all (hopefully) better. I thank you again for playing!


That was cool. Not always clear what to do nex

t but still very nice.

I just watched your playthrough and I enjoyed it very much. I'm glad you stuck with it and got to the end of the demo. Listening to you both analyze and brainstorm as well as try and figure out the back story was very entertaining. There is a back story and it will all make sense (hopefully) when the game is finished. Thank you for your support and for playing!


That is without a doubt the creepiest intro to a horror game I have ever experienced. And it was a fantastic demo, you managed to create such a tense atmosphere without having to resort to cheap scares. Admittedly I did find myself wandering around a bit unsure what to do in some sections (though the sound cues helped me figure it out eventually) but I loved Angela Knife and I'm eager to see more of it in the future. 


Comments and feedback like yours are what is going to make this game great. I most definitely am going to add some subtle changes to make it not as clumsy to que up mentally what the player should do next. I'm glad that the "feel" of the game is proving to be on point with my design plan to lean very psychological. Doing my best to make use of camera shots, sound as well as some visuals to paint a dreadful picture of events to uncover. Thank you so much for giving my demo your time and even greater thanks for the feedback, it really helps with the development. 

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Oh my god, I loved this. The custom controller vibration, especially in the beginning, was super immersive. Also, the attention to detail was extremely impressive, with a lot of little touches, like how the chainlink fence surrounding the motel, despite being a static texture, actually makes a noise when you walk into it. I really loved the fact that, rather than using jumpscares or scary music or anything of those cheap horror tropes, the horror in this is subtle, intellectual, and purely based around atmosphere and the feeling of dread. I did have issues with this game when it came to progression, however. I had to consult a walkthrough (Alpha Beta Gamer's video) multiple times, especially the part where you have to stop at a certain point in the sign-in book in order for the bell to actually work. With both that and the first VHS tape task, I had managed to locate the specific target for the objective, but I couldn't figure out what to actually do with them in order to fulfill the objective. It would have been nice if, for the first task on the VHS tape, there was some sort of prompt to use the Right Trigger. With games like this that have non-standard or uncommon control schemes, the player should be introduced to the controls in-game, and I mean during gameplay (opening the menu doesn't count). Even then, the players shouldn't be expected to already know that zooming in on something can actually trigger events, which is why it's important to actually guide them through that special type of interaction in some way or another at least once, so they can understand the "rules" of this game. Overall, I absolutely loved this game, the style, the gameplay and interactions, almost everything. I just hope that the developer can figure out a way to better direct the player so that they are less likely to spend 5-10 minutes wandering around the map confused about how to progress.


I have been pleasantly surprised you caught the little things and subtle touches added to help immerse the players. My entire approach to this game has been to evoke fear and unease using sound, imagery and camera work. Your feedback on difficulties and enjoyments has been a big help and like so many other reviews, they are all being taken into account when making future adaptations. I thank you for the support you and others have shown. For an Indie, it is players like you and communities like Itch that keep us working so hard to bring about our games for others to experience. 


Excellent game support author

Thank you so much for playing and for your support!


I gave the game a shot and while it has a nice atmosphere, I got loss when I tried to play the game. It would be nice if there was some sound that indicated my current objective. Otherwise, it's a decent demo.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you for sharing your playthrough. These videos are a huge help to me. I look forward to continuing my work with the help of all the great feedback I have been receiving from the itch.io community.  


Those who are big fans of games like Silent Hill and Paratopic need to stop reading and play this. SH and Paratopic are just two of many familiar influences I was reminded of while playing Angela Knife. And those influences aren’t just limited to games either — I was reminded of certain films and books as well. 

There’s something about Angela Knife that gets under your skin the second you start playing; in a good way. How to put it... despite there being very little in the way of violence, it’s one of the most disturbing demos I’ve ever played, thanks to not what the game tells you, but what it doesn’t. So much of Angela Knife is implied; not a word is spoken, as the game tells its story through its visuals, actions and soundtrack. It’s not difficult to figure out what is going on in some instances, but there are still so many questions. It’s this sense of mystery that makes Angela Knife so intriguing, and these mysteries are around every corner. The longer you play, the more engaged you become.

I don’t want to give anything away, but those looking for a frightening experience with a sprinkle of the bizarre need to look no further. The developer seems to have the Hitchcock touch; an ability to frighten you to the core by pulling the curtain open on the darkness that is the human mind. 


Thank you so much for the praise you gave my the Angela Knife Demo. Also good eye on making so many connections. Silent Hill, David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock and his camera work were all strong influences along with so many others. Your playthrough was very entertaining and I am glad you enjoyed the demo.


Very interesting, I think the esoteric puzzles benefit the mood even if it's a bit frustrating haha. Definitely a project I'll keep an eye on, have you considered starting a Patreon?

Hello and thank you for playing. I have indeed considered putting something together for those wanting to follow the development of my game more closely. I might look into staring a Patreon if this demo is received well.  


cool setting

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this is phenomenal. you've got a unique voice and eye for the artistry of making a horror game, rivals Paratopic in doing this sort of game right. the choice of camera angles does a lot to sell the mood.   the sound design is outstanding, the few snippets of music remind me of a cross between John Carpenter and OneOhTrix Point Never.

can't wait to try the full game

Thank you so much for your kind words. Paratopic and John Carpenter along with many other similarly stylized and suspenseful movies were indeed referenced. One of my biggest influences was Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren.Really appreciate your support. 


I like the idea and I love the ps1 style, but it's way too cryptic for me, got tired of zooming and clicking on everything.


Game visuals are really nice for psx style, and sounds too! But it is way too subjective, I got stuck at the dead cat in the pool part.


This game is REALLY good, honestly. It's very hard but also satisfying as hell when you figure out what to do. If you want to delete my comment so people can't just check my vid to figure it out, I'll understand. I trimmed it down to keep the vid flowing but it probably took me about 2 hours to figure it all out. And I appreciate the help with the Jane Doe part! The ending was great! I'm dying to see more of this. Thank you so much for this badass game!


Just watched your video, so glad you stuck with it. My biggest fear was making the design choice to not give to many clues. I played around with the idea of a difficulty setting when it comes to the puzzles and triggers and your play through and commentary really helps as feedback. I really appreciate it. You got a thumbs up from me and I subscribed. Like your style! 


Thank you! It's definitely one of the hardest games I've played but from the beginning I could tell it was something special. So I definitely didn't want to give up. The story is unfolding so subtly but it makes it feel even more interesting like that and I keep wanting to know more. It's got a very dark and gritty feel to it that leaves me feeling a little uneasy, and I love that haha. I can't wait to see what else you do!

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i like vibes retro psx creepy but so hard ..

Thank you for playing and for your feedback, it will definitely be taken into consideration in future builds as I try to male this game better.

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:d  i like help dev

Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome, will keep your contact info handy. Glad you enjoyed the demo.

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This seems like a really cool game but it's so hard to figure out what to do. I'm stuck after finding the cat in the pool. And it took me a while to get that far.


Thank you for playing and for the feedback. I hope you stick with it and hope to hear more from you if you finish. I've also made note of what you said.

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Did you go into the building at the front of the motel?  There is a puzzle in there that needs to be solved.


Yeah i was in there looking around at everything but i wasn't sure what to do with the info. I saw 10:12 on the clock and that Jane Doe had signed in at that time, but I'm lost after that. I even tried again today for about 45min and couldn't figure out what to do in there. I want to finish the game but I'm out of ideas.

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You have to exit the book while on the "Jane Doe 10:12" page.  You will hear a broken bell ring.  At that point, you have to ring the bell on the counter.


Thank you! I'm gonna try that right now. I appreciate the help.